We bring your vision to life

We bring your vision to life

Interior Design

The “JOB ” of decoration and its true essence consists in creating, above all, a HARMONIC INTERNAL within which the artist and artisans achieve an ATMOSPHERE that then said space contains the elements (furniture, objects, upholstery, works of art, etc.), with the coherence with which this space has been created: any style and any time. ORNAMENTATION does not mean DECORATION for us. The concept is to achieve an ATMOSPHERE result. This is demonstrated in the history of such a BEAUTIFUL JOB

Mariano Concha / Ernesto Concha

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Interior Design Services

We will help make the apartment your dream home


Conceptual designing

During the designing process, the interior designer makes hundreds of decisions from the first idea to the last drawing. So, there is a need for a control principle: a concept that rules every detail. Without this, only ’ad hoc’ decisions can be made, so the end result will not be harmonious.

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Design visualization

Planning is a quite long process in which we talk over your notions with you in person/phone to create the ultimate design so that home renovation and remodeling can be done according to your wishes.

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General construction

Ideally, an interior designer will carry out all process: survey – designing – engeneering.

At the end, the result will be a coordinated, truly demanding property. The engeneering is done clockwork accuracy with a pre-prepared schedule according to the highest quality requirements.

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Finding real estate for your purposes

When we look for our future home, we see ourselves in our imagination when we arrive at our home and in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere we can lie back after a long tiring day.

I help you to meet your ideas with the opportunities.

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Consulting before buying a property

No one is born to know how to buy a property.
What to pay attention to?
What are the pitfalls?
When and where to buy a property to be a good investment?

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