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Mariano Concha

Years of learning and work led me to obtain a first place as a DECORATOR in Barcelona and with the passage of time I worked successfully in the rest of Spain.

Then Paris, London, Switzerland and New York gave me great job opportunities that finished with success and satisfaction.
Investigating the world of DESIGN in general reaffirmed the great support of my career as a recognized professional.
Contributing to this my personal fondness for sculpture and landscaping, having made works of great beauty.
Today, experience and my extensive curriculum allow me to solve all artistic styles, always being
attentive and willing to evolve and the path that ART will lead us.

“Art, Culture and Awakening to a new world. To a new way of facing the Future, which was already awakening and beating in Barcelona.”

In my early 20s I discovered the “New Artistic World” that began in Barcelona during the 70s.
Shortly after and discovered by Bigas Luna, Magician of restlessness and imposed for the first time of the definition
Design, introducing and giving it the value of Art.
I was his Assistant for 3 brilliant years in which I did nothing but learn, with the contribution of Bigas Luna who raised my artistic level to the highest
, presenting the catalog of Juan Gris designs, in which he included 3 of my designs.
It was the awakening of a new artist in me …
Textiles, Furniture, Painting, Sculpture and everything related to my professional future that I have merged to open the great success of my career: Decoration.

Mariano Concha

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