We bring your vision to life

We bring your vision to life

Planning is a quite long process in which we talk over your notions with you in person/phone to create the ultimate design so that home renovation and remodeling can be done according to your wishes.
We assess the needs of the family to know what kind of space they feel good.
We also make visual designs of the apartment, which will help you to imagine the final result. We elaborate all the necessary technical details as well.

The planning process have to be done with close cooperation with you. Communication is important for us to create an interior that really suits your needs.

All interested persons are welcome. Contact us and we will be happy to help you

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Ideally, architectural design does not stop at the exterior of the building, but extends to the smallest detail of the house. The interior design plans are to illustrate this demanding design.

Whether it is the harmonious choice of materials, the connection of the built-in structures, the appropriate level of lighting, the visual design allows us to get a realistic picture of the appearance of the desired during the planning process, which help us eliminating the disagreements between the designer and the customer.

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